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Wyoming Senate kills legislation that would have increased DUI penalties


This article originally appeared on Oil City News. Used with permission.

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – The Wyoming Senate killed a bill that could have heavily impacted anyone convicted of driving under the influence during their floor session on Friday, Feb. 14.

SF 5 would have extended the eligibility for limited driving privileges from five years to 10 from the date of the most recent DUI offense. A person with a recent DUI on their record could have had their driver’s license suspended or even denied for that period of time.

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The legislation was sponsored by the Joint Transportation, Highways and Military Affairs Interim Committee.

The bill was introduced into the Senate on Monday, Feb. 10, the first day of the budget session. It received almost unanimous support, obtaining 27 “aye” votes and only two “nos,” from Sens. Eli Bebout and Ogden Driskill.

It was then sent to the Senate Travel Committee the next day. The committee also unanimously voted that it return to the Senate to be placed on general file, which it was in the same afternoon. The committee is comprised of five members, including Laramie County Sen. Lynn Hutchings and Natrona County Sen. Jim Anderson.

The second reading took place on Wednesday and was slated for a third reading the following day, although it was ultimately laid back for Friday.

Friday’s was a fairly close vote, receiving only 11 “ayes,” including from from Natrona County Sens. Jim Anderson and Drew Perkins. Of the 18 “no” votes, the senators included Carbon County’s Larry Hicks and Laramie County’s Tara Nethercott.