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Driskill, new Wyoming Senate president: legislators will pursue ‘civil, open debate’

Republican Sen. Ogden Driskill is now Senate President

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Senate President Ogden Driskill joined Republican leadership in the Wyoming Legislature in outlining priorities for the 67th General Session, which began today.

The House and Senate bodies elected leaders after one round of voting per chamber. Driskill was confirmed as the President of the Senate, and Rep. Albert Sommers was confirmed Speaker of the House.

“Together, we must continue to develop Wyoming solutions to the challenges we face,” Driskill said in a Legislative Majority of the Wyoming House of Representatives news release. “It is our essential purpose, the expectation of the people of Wyoming, and the duty of each member to welcome robust discussion with respect for each other and for this great institution. Civil, open debate is what we owe the people we serve and it’s the best path forward to fulfill our critical obligations and create a stronger Wyoming.”

From 2021-2022, Driskill was Senate Majority Floor Leader, and from 2019-2020 he was Senate Vice President, his legislative bio said.

Twenty-seven House members and three Senate members were sworn into the 93-member legislature during the Jan. 10 proceedings.

Republican priorities for this session include the following, the release said:

  • Smart fiscal stewardship and planning that creates future opportunities and bolsters the state’s fiscal position
  • Cultivating growth in emerging industries while keeping the mainstay energy, agriculture and tourism sectors strong
  • Building the bench of Legislative leaders
  • Promoting a responsive, efficient and limited government mindful of Wyoming’s most vulnerable citizens

Somners said Republicans will focus on thoughtful planning and saving for the future.

“We have a responsibility to leverage the recent revenue surplus to benefit generations of Wyoming people,” he said. “This will be accomplished by building strategic investments, maximizing efficiencies, and placing a priority on helping the most vulnerable among us.”

Proceedings will be livestreamed on the Legislature’s website: www.wyoleg.gov.