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Casper artist wins Collectible Conservation Stamp Art Show for 2nd year; Cheyenne students win youth contest

Justin Hayward 2025 Conservation Stamp (Wyoming Game and Fish Department)

by Breanna Ball, Wyoming Game and Fish Department

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s 41st annual Collectible Conservation Stamp Art Show featured the western tanager. The winning piece came from Justin Hayward of Casper and will be featured on the 2025 collectible conservation stamp and limited-edition print.

Hayward was last year’s art show winner, featuring the beaver.

Multiple students in Laramie County School District 1 won in the youth contest, including Dane P from Cheyenne Central, Scarlett C. from Meadowlark Elementary School, and Liz M. from Pioneer Park Elementary.

“The western tanager’s vibrant colors inspired artists to submit 92 pieces of colorful artwork into this year’s contest,” said Chris Martin, Game and Fish visual communications supervisor and coordinator. “The timing of this year’s art show event aligns with the bird’s migration back to Wyoming making it the perfect time to highlight this visually remarkable bird and draw attention to its spring arrival in Wyoming.”

Adult contest winners

  • First Place: Justin Hayward of Casper
  • Second Place: Michael P. Ashmen of Summerville, South Carolina
  • Third Place: Abby Gustafson of Sheridan
  • Fourth Place: Moss Kent of Cheyenne
  • Fifth Place:  Tabitha Huston of Twentynine Oak, California

Honorable mention, listed alphabetically

  • Bill Adair, Florida
  • Buck Spencer, Oregon
  • Dana Condel, New York
  • Eddie Tipton, Arkansas
  • Joy Keown, Wyoming
  • Kristy Ren, Oregon
  • Megan Beavers, Wyoming
  • Michael Bailey, California
  • Mickey Schilling, Colorado
  • Paul Twitchell, Utah

For the second consecutive year, Wyoming youth were able to participate in their own contest alongside professional artists. 

Youth contest winners include:

K-2nd Grade

  • First Place — Grant E. from Jackson Hole Classical Academy (Teacher Tanya McDaniel)
  • Second Place — Kennedy L. from Jackson Hole Classical Academy (Teacher Tanya McDaniel)
  • Third Place — Krew W., Homeschooled, (Teacher Adrian Wayment)

3rd-5th Grade

  • First Place — Clementine B. from Jackson Hole Classical Academy (Teacher Tanya McDaniel)
  • Second Place — Samuel V. from Beitel Elementary School (Teacher Jordan Sauer)
  • Third Place — Liz M. from Pioneer Park Elementary (Teacher Teresa Gilfillan)

6th-8th Grade

  • First Place — Scarlett C. from Meadowlark Elementary School (Teacher Josh White)
  • Second Place — Hanne L. from Jackson Hole Classical Academy (Teacher Tanya McDaniel)
  • Third Place — Hannah K., Homeschooled (Teacher Karen Kimble)

9th-12th Grade

  • First Place — Dane P, Cheyenne Central (Self Taught)
  • Second Place — Jilliyn F. from Douglas High School (Teacher Jeremy Settelmeyer)
  • Third Place — Shaylah F. from Star Valley High School (Teacher Adam Guild)

Two biological judges evaluated entries for accuracy. Four artistic judges evaluated the artwork for overall quality, aesthetics and ability of the image to be reproduced on a stamp. 

Contest judging took place in person and online. Game and Fish received 92 entries from 21 states, including 53 entries from Wyoming artists. Roughly a third of the entries were from first-time entrants. 

Hayward’s original piece joins a collection of previous stamp show winners at the Game and Fish Cheyenne headquarters. All other entries, including placed work, are available for sale until May 17. The Wyoming Game and Fish Commission receives 40 percent of the sale to support projects for fish and wildlife. If interested in purchasing any of the artwork, call 307-777-4570, stop by the Game and Fish Gift Shop in the Headquarters building or purchase online.

The subject for the 2026 show will be the pika. 

The American pika. (Shutterstock)