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Yellowstone fire danger level upgraded to ‘high’ on Wednesday


CASPER, Wyo. — The fire danger level in Yellowstone National Park was upgraded to “high” on Wednesday, Yellowstone’s Public Affairs Office said in a press release.

There weren’t any active wildland fires in the park at the time of the release and no additional fire restrictions are being implemented as a result of the increased fire danger level.

Campfires in Yellowstone are only allowed in established rings in campgrounds and at some backcountry campsites.

“Campfires must always be attended and cold to the touch before abandoning,” the release added. “Soak, stir, feel, repeat.”


Yellowstone’s Public Affairs Office noted that the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem is a fire-adapted ecosystem where fire plays an important role in the health of habitat and vegetation.

“Stay informed about current fire activity in Yellowstone,” Yellowstone Public Affairs added.